1863 Mountaineer Loco Project

Building  an accurate replica of the original design to allow Mountaineer to live again!

April, May & June 2022 Newsletters

Dear Friends and Mountaineers,

Dear fellow Mountaineers and friends.

I must apologise and beg forgiveness for this very late issue of our newsletter.  Lack of news, Co-Vid,  crisis in the Ukraine and the Queens’ Jubilee have added to  the delay.

Good news now follows.

Cylinders,  After weeks of delay, we  have the missing left hand cylinder casting. We are now in the queue for the boring machine, we will know if it is good within the next two weeks or so. The absence of this casting has prevented further working on the frames, as the combination of both cylinders act as  the leading frame stretcher.

Axles, both axles are now at Triotek in Washington being quartered and  the keyways for wheels and eccentrics machined.

Wheels and crankpins , final machining being carried out before being fitted to the axles.

Frames, All four hornguides have been machined and are ready to be riveted to the frame. Heavy weight angle has been supplied, this reinforces the frames longitudinally and acts as  a bearer for the springs to rub (this is a quite crude/basic loco)


The absence of the completed  combined cylinders will limit progress.

Axleboxes are complete and ready for fitting.

I would like to thank all who have contributed to the funding of this project by your generous monthly and individual donations.

We have the funding for all the items listed above, deposits have been paid and the balances,  ring fenced. The Mountaineers who were the 111 sponsors, will be pleased to know that their signed, very limited edition Jonathan Clay prints have arrived at the Tree House and will shortly be posted. Jonathan is designing a new work for us to use as a major fund raiser.

I will launch the next appeal/campaign in the next few days, in a separate email.

Rolling Chassis. This is our goal, We are in a good position to achieve this before Autumn . Thanks again for the support you have given 1863 Mountaineer, we are on our way.

Kind Regards

David and Brian