1863 Mountaineer Loco Project

Building  an accurate replica of the original design to allow Mountaineer to live again!

The Mountaineers

How do I join and what are they?

We are the sponsors ,donors, followers, specific part sponsors and monthly donors, who want to see a George England 0-4-0 tender Tank Engine in original form.

Anyone can join, but you must be a financial contributor. 

Our aim is to support and finance the rapid construction of our 1863 Locomotive.

Some of us donate the price of a Costa/Starbuck coffee a week,  £10-£12 monthly, others, significantly more, it's all down to what you can safely afford.

Others give when they have spare funds available.

Some join specific fund raisers ,such as our last two successful appeals, which were:-

 The Wheelset / Axle fund, and the Cylinder Machining fund. Both of which are now complete.

The current fund raising campaign  is for the frames  (see  newsletter for progress)

We all believe in this loco,  and we will see it constructed.

We will soon  have a new  Part sponsoring  list , from which you can choose a part to support, but not until the parts are drawn and costed, which is a slow process.

Benefits of being a ‘Mountaineer'

Each member will receive an unique badge, this will assist in recognising a kindred spirit , at one of the many venues 1863 Mountaineer will visit in the future. 

  The badge is not for sale anywhere, it is our badge and will never be on sale.

Advantages of being a 'Mountaineer'

1.     Newsletter / Email.

2     Direct access to the directors, David Wood  and  Brian Smyth.

3.     Visits to the engineer / builder , NBR Darlington, By appointment with DW ( Wednesdays only)

4.     Priority in booking tickets at visited railways.

5.     Entered in the draw for passengers on the first official train.

6.     Direct access ( when available ) to the loco during preparation and disposal, at railways around the UK.

7.     Private trains on railways we will visit, The Mountaineers can  have exclusive access, subject to timetables etc.

8.     Footplate ride. There will be an auction for the spare seat in the tender, on the first official train.

9.     Satisfaction that you were a significant contributor to the existence of a missing link in history.

10.     Ordinary Members Shares will soon be ready for sale.

  These benefits are only available to The Mountaineers